100% online: starting in JULY 2021.

The course is delivered online. The work for Module 3 is based on an extended research-based written assignment. It focuses on developing your English language teaching specialism.

Our course includes preparation for:
• Choosing your specialist area and group of students or your one-to-one student. (See the list of specialist areas.)
• Designing a needs analysis to find out the class (or student) needs.
• Selecting, adapting or designing a diagnostic test to find out their current knowledge and skills.
• Analysing the data from the needs analysis and diagnostic test.
• Planning a course based on their needs.
• Planning how you will assess their progress on that course.
• Writing up your assignment.

Although a part-time course, please note that the course is intensive. You do not necessarily need to have your own current class, although it makes things a lot easier as you will need access to a class for needs analysis purposes. The work is all based on producing your extended assignment as detailed above.

You need to choose one of the following areas for your assignment:

Teaching Business English (BE)
Teaching English for Academic purposes (EAP)
Teaching examination classes (EX)
Teaching 1-1 (1 to 1)
Teaching Monolingual Classes (MON)
Teaching Multilingual Classes (MUL)
Teaching in an English-speaking environment (ESE)
Teaching in a non-English speaking environment (NESE)
Teaching learners online, through distance/blended learning (DL)
Language development for teachers (LDT)


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