By the end of this course,

  • you will have learnt about the different aspects of project planning, teaching, management and assessment
  • you will have familiarised yourself with digital tools and strategies to design creative projects
  • you will have designed one or more projects according to you students’ and institutional needs.
  • you will have shared your projects with colleagues and received feedback to improve them, if necessary.

Session 1: Introduction and Planning projects

  • What is a project and what isn’t?
  • PBL or doing projects?
  • Types of projects
  • Project stages
  • Project planning
  • Project ideas and digital tools

Session 2: Managing projects

  • Classroom management strategies
  • Student roles
  • Teacher roles
  • Teaching the Needs to Know
  • Scaffolding: project wall, checklists, worksheets, differentiation
  • Project ideas and digital tools

Session 3: Assessing projects

  • What are rubrics?
  • Making your own rubrics
  • Creating handouts
  • Project ideas and digital tools

Session 4: Planning a PBL programme

  • Planning the curriculum
  • Standards and resources
  • Finalising your Project
  • Project ideas and digital tools

Session 5: Projects showcase

  • Projects showcase
  • Feedback

Tutor: Vicky Saumell
She is a teacher, trainer, materials writer and presenter.
She currently teaches at a bilingual primary school in Buenos Aires.
She is also a freelance author and has worked as a writer and trainer for Pearson, CUP, Macmillan and Santillana.
She is a committee member for IATEFL LTSIG and the Publications Committee.


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