International House London Institute

Spanish Business Courses

This course is designed for students and professionals who are interested in the world of business in Spanish-speaking countries.
Students study specific language and linguistic structures used in business.

Spanish is one of the most widely used languages in the world of business and trade. Handling it with confidence is the key to success.

The general aim of the course is for students to develop the necessary language skills to competently manage interactions in the world of business in a Spanish-speaking environment, so as to ensure that they can make the most of all the situations they may have to face in their future work lives.

The students will acquire a wide range of business-related vocabulary that they will have to use in a variety of contexts. 

The Business Course comprises 15 hours of class per week, and it can be combined with the regular Spanish course. The minimum required level of Spanish for students who join the course is Intermediate.

The Business Spanish Course includes the following modules: 
• Participation in meetings and discussions
• Successful Negotiations 
• Effective use of the phone 
• Clear, concise Presentations 
• Entertaining clients 
• Learning strategies for the future