International House London Institute

Spanish for Teachers & Professors

This course is aimed at teachers who work with students coming from Spanish speaking countries,
and therefore wish to learn or improve their Spanish skills in order to enhance their communication with students,
as well as to gain a better understanding of the Spanish culture.


This course will include:

• Developing fluency in spoken Spanish and building confidence in using Spanish Learning and/or reviewing and clarifying grammatical areas according to course participants’ needs.

• Extending lexical range and improving pronunciation at the word and sentence level.

• Developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

• Mastering classroom language and managing classroom activities in Spanish.

• Exploring some of the following topics depending on the course participants: music, media, contemporary literature, fashion, art, law, politics, education and film.

At the end of the course professors and/or teachers will have:
• Improved their use and understanding of everyday Spanish.

• Expanded their knowledge of contemporary culture in Spanish-speaking countries.

• Developed language vocabulary related to their fields of teaching