International House London Institute

Spring Conference

XV IH Montevideo Spring Conference 2018

Una satisfacción haber recibido a tan prestigiosos profesionales de la educación como lo son Luciana Fernández, Gabriel Díaz Maggioli, Gabriela González Vaillant, Silvia Breiburd, Charlie López y Natalia Trenchi.

Sus charlas fueron una fuente de inspiración y aprendizaje. Muchas gracias a todos.

Compartimos las distintas temáticas abordadas durante la conferencia.

Critical Thinking in the Language Classroom.

For years teachers have felt frustration after having taught content and skills, felling that students have not learnt it. Similarly, for years, students have felt the same frustration, having been unable to apply what they had memorized. Memorising, while it is useful in some cases, does not increase students’ autonomy and, to a large extent, does not contribute to mastery.

The challenge for language teachers is to get their learners to master the skills and content they intend to teach and which is part of their syllabus. Mastery is not the result of presentation and practice, but requires learners to be engaged in a series of learning opportunities that will develop their thinking, promoting their understanding and getting them to apply this which they have learnt in new contexts.

It is the aim of this presentation to explore the different levels of thinking and how language teachers can best plan language lessons that will enable their language learners to climb up the thinking skills ladder, becoming proficient users of the skills and concepts needed to succeed.

Luciana Fernández is a graduate teacher of English who has been teaching English for the past twenty-one years. She has specialized in Methodology and Teaching Practice and she holds a Diploma in Educational Research from the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education.

She is a Reading and Literacy expert and has been training teachers in this area for the past ten years. She is a teacher educator and has designed several presentations and courses for professional development both in Argentina and abroad. Her presentation at ARTESOL 2015 was selected to be presented at TESOL International as a Best Affiliate Session. She is one of the 50 scholarship winners who attended and presented at IATEFL, held in Birmingham in April 2016.

She is a teacher educator and has been the Head at several bilingual IB institutions in Buenos Aires. At present she is a Learning Consultant and reader for National Geographic Learning. She is also a facilitator at ESSARP (English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate), where she trains heads and teachers from the most important bilingual institutions in Argentina.

“Looking at learning: First steps along the road to excellence”

In recent years there has been a lot of research undertaken that has inquired about what good learning looks like. We will explore some of those ideas as they apply to English Language Teaching and leave with a toolbox you can incorporate to your teaching.

Gabriel Díaz, Director of LUDUS, the professional development and pedagogical innovation center at the Catholic University of Uruguay, the first of its kind in South America. There he develops teching, research and publication projects centered on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Prior to that he was Director of Language and Teaching at The New School University in New York. He has contributed to the professional development of colleagues in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

He also acts as Team Leader for National Educational Reform Projects sponsored by international agencies. He got a BA in TEFL from the National Teacher Training College in Uruguay and pursued MA and doctoral work at The University of Bath in the UK.

He is the author of various books and academic articles. His most recent books are: Lessons Learned (published by Richmond ELT), Competencia Metodológica para Docentes de Lenguas (published in Basque by the HABE Foundation) and Didáctica de las Lenguas Extranjeras: Aportes, apuntes y debates (published by Santillana).

From teaching about life to teaching for life: Inquiry-based teaching and learning.

This presentation invites participants to reflect about some key ingredients for teaching and learning in and for the 21st century. We will explore the rationale for more integrated inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning, discussing how we can embrace this pedagogy to educate lifelong learners in the class. We will inquire into how our class can mirror today´s workplaces-where innovation, curiosity and creativity are increasingly a necessity.

Gabriela González Vaillant is an English teacher and doctor in sociology from State University of New York at Stony Brook. She also holds a diploma in gender studies and is completing a second master’s degree in history. She has several years of experience as a university and secondary school teacher, undertakes research in the field of education and sociology and currently serves as consultant for the International Baccalaureate Organization under several roles in professional and curriculum development.

Recipes that Work with Gen Z Students.

Teaching English in the XXI century requires understanding the way Gen Z students can (and want to!) learn. This workshop reveals specific aspects of Gen Zers’ generational mindset that affect the way students approach their learning (the whys behind the whats). Attendees will be provided with hands-on, specific tricks and tips that will facilitate the passage to designing more ‘generationally inclusive’, ‘academically and emotionally-oriented’, classes. Recipes to make students tick will include something old, something new, something borrowed and something ‘true’.

Silvia Breiburd es Profesora Superior de Inglés (CON.SU.DEC) y abogada (U.B.A). Completa su formación con una Licenciatura en Educación (U.V.Q) y una Diplomatura en Liderazgo Educativo Aplicado de la Universidad de Londres. Su experiencia abarca las secciones primaria y secundaria en cargos docentes y directivos. Autora de varios artículos sobre el liderazgo generacional y sustentable y creadora del ‘Building Block Approach’ o ‘Enfoque de Bloques’ para desarrollar el pensamiento crítico, Silvia se desempeña como capacitadora y como conferencista sobre temas de gestión y metodología en ámbitos nacionales e internacionales.

Games in the classroom.

Games provide meaningful and enjoyable practice of every skill at any stage of the teaching-learning process. In this unique session, specially prepared for teachers who want to add motivation and challenge to their classes, Charlie will present a wide range of tasks and games which will definitely enrich their English lessons and as a result, enhance the students’ performance.

Charlie holds an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of Reading-UK. He is the director of BigBen Institute-Buenos Aires.

He has taught Discourse Analysis at the Master’s degree program in Translation and Interpretation of the University of Buenos Aires.

He has written on language and educational issues for the Buenos Aires Herald and other important newspapers and magazines.

Charlie is the producer and presenter of YeS TV program (www.charlielopez.com.ar)   and the author of:

  • Sam on Radio 321 Video – Longman
  • Detrás de las Palabras – Ed. Sudamericana – Random House
  • En una Palabra – Ed. Aguilar – Santillana
  • In a Word – Ed. Aguilar – Santillana
  • La Línea – Ed. Claridad
  • Historias del Aula – Edebé
  • Aulas en Conflicto – Edelvives

Charlie has lectured for British and American publishers in Argentina and abroad.


Educación en el siglo XXI

Es médica, psiquiatra de niños y adolescentes y psicoterapeuta cognitivo-conductual.

Ejerció cargos docentes, de investigación y de asistencia en la Facultad de Medicina, el Ministerio de Salud Pública, la Universidad Católica del Uruguay y la Universidad del Desarrollo de Santiago de Chile.

Además de la tarea académica y clínico – asistencial en hospital y en su consultorio particular se ha dedicado a la promoción de la salud mental infantil en la comunidad.

Es columnista de varios medios de prensa, conferencista en colegios e instituciones , asesora de contenidos de la serie educativa animada “Ana la rana”, autora de materiales de difusión de UNICEF (Mucho, poquito, nada , Manual de prácticas de crianza de 0-5 años, Unicef, oct 2011) y ha publicado varios libros para padres y educadores. (Educar en tiempos difíciles, Grupo Abierto Comunicaciones, Buenos Aires,2006 ;; Todo sobre tu hijo, Editorial Aguilar, Montevideo, 2007 ; Mi hijo el alumno, Edit Aguilar, Montevideo, 2009; Tus hijos hoy, Edit Aguilar , Montevideo 2011 ; Los límites enseñan, Guía para padres, 2013, Editorial Eme. Publicado como coleccionables en Uruguay, Chile, México y Ecuador. )

En el 2014 recibió el Premio Sonya Bemporad otorgado en Edinburgo por la WAIMH (Asociación mundial de salud mental de la 1a infancia) por su aporte a la salud mental infantil.