International House London Institute

1 Day Workshop Project Based Learning

ELF and PBL are perfect partners!

Project Based Learning,
is a cutting edge approach that leads to a XXI Century education. It promotes students’ autonomy, creativity, problem-solving skills and the use of ICTs for successful learning.

In this workshop, we will learn how PBL and EFL make a powerful combination to take learning English to a new dimension. The audience will receive key information to enhance the learner’s acquisition of the language and the development of essential life skills through the development of research projects.

The audience will receive:
A brief theoretical background of PBL.
How a Collaborative Research Project begins.
Components of a PBL plan.
Documenting the process in PBL.
The importance of Metacognition.
How to include the language syllabus in PBLw

Course Tutor
Cecilia Cabrera Martirena

Studying to earn an MA in Professional.
Development for Language Education.
Effective course tutoring and teaching.
The College of Teachers, UK.
Teaching and Assessing XXI Century Skills.
MOOC from University of Melbourne.
Advanced Methodology  – International House, Montevideo.
Teacher Educator IPA, CERP and IH
Cambridge Tutor CETYL

Coordinator at Elbio Fernández (2012-2017)
Coordinator at St. David’s School (2018)

Cecilia Cabrera has been an EFL teacher for more than 20 years. She has worked with all ages from very young Learners to Adults.

Among other, she has made incursions into other areas of teaching and fields of knowledge such as Draft Reviewer for TESOL ‘s Journal, Proposal reviewer for TESOL ‘S Annual Convention. She has been a Teacher Educator at: IPA, International House, Montevideo and CeRP Este as well as Director of Studies at a Bilingual School in Maldonado. She is a Cambridge Tutor for CETYL.

For the last 5 years she has been the Head of English Studies for K-12 students and IB Coordinator at Escuela y Liceo Elbio Fernández. At the moment, she is an Early Childhood Education English Coordinator at St. David’s School, Montevideo and Cambridge Assessment International Education examiner.