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Certificate in School Middle Management - Certificado en Coordinación de Colegios

Empowering Teachers to Refine Professional Performance

For Heads of School, Heads of Department, Coordinators and Supervisors and Teachers wanting to advance in their Professional Development.

• Defining the supervisor´s role
•  Understanding processes, approaches and styles of supervision
• Viewing supervision as an adult teaching-learning relationship/process
•  Developing good communication and professional relationships
•  Empowering teachers through constructive feedback

• Supervision: concepts and purposes
• Discussing skills and qualities of an effective manager
• Processes, approaches and styles of supervision
•  Contemplating collaborative practice
• Analysing effective communication
• Understanding effective supervisory practices
• Exploring practices that challenge and promote learning
• Facilitating teacher empowerment

This course is designed to help teachers critically examine their current supervisory practice, analyse this in conjunction with new knowledge and insights, and adopt a reconstructed stance.

It further supports teachers to link the advancement of their professional knowledge with professional action and change in the workplace when as present or future coordinators or directors of studies, supervising professional colleagues.

April to September: 6 month-course
Starting in the month of April
Mondays, 5.30 pm to 8.15 pm

Blended course
1 face to face session a month, 4 hours each.
6 online sessions (readings and small taks).
Final task: action research
Limited places for good interaction.

Tutor : Inés Stefani

Inés Stefani is a Uruguayan teacher who graduated from “Magisterio” in 1980 and since then has taught at bilingual schools.

In 1989 she graduated as a Reading Recovery teacher in New Zealand. She has worked and studied for 4 years in that country.

She later completed a Bachelors of Education in Teaching, and a Masters Degree in Teaching at the University of Auckland in New Zealand as well as a Certificate in School Middle Management, at UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand.

Inés has done consultancy work, in the field of literacy acquisition, nationally and internationally, especially in Brazil and Argentina since 2003.

She was Academic Principal from 2005 to 2010 and Head of School from 2011 to 2017 at Woodlands School, in Montevideo, Uruguay. She has just recently retired from that position, after 37 years of teaching, and is back doing consultancy work.