International House London Institute

Workshop: YOGA in Classroom

Techniques for improving attention and concentration in the classroom.

A theoretical – practical workshop.

The theoretical background to the workshop will be based on research into the application of yoga and the latest advances in neurosciences.

Yet since one ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory, in the workshop we will use postures, breathing, relaxation and concentration techniques, which aim at improving attention and concentration in the classroom by unifying body, mind and emotions.

Course Tutor:

• History teacher. Teacher of English.
• IB History, IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma since 1991
• IB History Examiner for Paper 1 and Extended Essay
• Workshop leader Category 1 and 2 for the IB History Diploma.
• Cultural Background tutor, Teacher Training Course, LITTI, since 1990, London Institute – International House Montevideo
• Yoga instructor, 2000
• Founder and President of RYE (Research of Yoga in Education) Uruguay, 1994
• Teacher trainer in RYE techniques in Latin America and Europe since 1996.
• Researcher and workshop facilitator.

Congress presentations on:

• The importance of integrating body, mind and emotions in the classroom.

• Memory, attention and concentration.

• Brain hemispheres, mandalas and mindmaps.

• The power of visualization as a pedagogic tool and as a means for creativity.

• The importance of breathing and relaxation for healthy and mindful classrooms